Make New Years Resolutions Work For You

So we are now 2 weeks into January of 2020, I have to say i’m embarrassed at how quickly the time has gone, I don’t make resolutions as a rule but the beginning of a new decade has warranted a review of my current goals and it has resulted in some room for improvement.

With that in mind I think its important to view your resolutions as goals if you truly mean to complete them. New years resolutions are now considered almost a joke, its something one can use to try a ‘life change’ out for size, don’t get me wrong there are some who go on to achieve their goal but they are the ones that are fully committed. Rather than just dipping their toe in to decide if they actually want to get fit and healthy or stop smoking etc.

Surely we all want to be healthy and wealthy right? A resolution to be healthier can only be a good thing so having a goal to be healthy is just as important, your body depends on your attention to its needs both emotional and physical. Its important to consider what you are feeding yourself, are you drinking enough water? I’ll hold my hand up and say I need to drink more water and maybe some of you will too, one thing I have learned is the power of water knows no bounds. Its important to stay hydrated to keep your body in peak condition, you can get bottles that monitor your water intake and tell you when to drink, personally I dont think you need anything more complicated than a standard travel water bottle but if it helps you then fair enough.

Once your body is running at peak performance you are unstoppable, make a resolution to be unstoppable and see how far you get, you will undoubtedly learn some important lessons during your journey but they will certainly be worthwhile. Remember your resolution is your goal, its there to help you build new habits and parts of your life, giving up smoking can be replaced with any number of more positive actions and habits, whatever you choose make it right for you, don’t kid yourself into being something you aren’t, if it means baby steps and changing small parts of your life then so be it but don’t give up because you are worth it.

Enjoy your life as it is meant to be – to the fullest – its important to remember that sometimes things feel difficult but you can get through it and if you need support then there is a plethora of help out there, the internet has broken down the walls and barriers to communication we are now free to talk with people around the world and share our feelings and experiences. Googling your feelings is not unusual and chances are someone has already done it before you so theres an answer out there somewhere, please do consult a medical professional if you are googling actual physical symptoms its better to be safe than sorry.

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Out of the Frying Pan Into the Freezer

The world is plagued by man, politics and violence, we are on the brink of yet another senseless war. The younger people at work were wondering if they would be enlisted, it would in fact take a change in law to reinstate drafting so I guess we’re safe from that one. I hasten to bring up world war 3 but what else are you going to call it if everyone gets involved? The US are about to bite off much more than they can chew, their mouth is still half full from its last effort.

Geopolitics is something that affects us all ultimately, we need to remember that a change in one law somewhere might not directly affect you until you go to visit or do something which is linked to it by proxy. I am reluctant to bring up Brexit, Trump and all the other geopolitical disasters which seem to have come about over the last few years. Whether we could have foreseen them or not they have happened and we have no choice but to live with the choices we or in my case others have made, although I voted to remain we all know where that got us. Clearly President of the USA was on Trumps list of things he desires, he always seems to get what he wants one way or another, unfortunately much like the people who voted leave the people who voted for trump live in a distorted version of reality which seemingly makes no sense at least to me. Life wont be quite the same when we lose the huge amount of funding and laws which the EU have supported us with when we were in our time of need. Those weekends to Paris and a week in Benidorm will have to be planned with a visa, the freedom of movement and cheap booze and cigarette runs will be a thing of the past.

Life will go on of course, its not the complete end of the world and we may be ok but brexit is truly an insult, propaganda used to dupe an ignorant public into a pseudo-democratic referendum. When the end of January comes it will be interesting to see the after effects once the dust has settled, provided we arent on our way to another world war.

Wimpy by Name, Wimpy by Nature?

To be a wimp by nature is to be feeble and weak, Clarissa was neither of those things, she got up in the morning and kicked butt, she had no time for nonsense, the days flew by, she became unstoppable. Life wondered what it had created when it looked back on her, the level of awareness and commitment she possessed was higher than the highest goddess, they simply couldn’t understand where she came from, when she had been found on earth in human form. Clarissa knew that life would try again with the curve balls she had a could she had neatly dodged but she was going to have to catch them eventually. Considering leaving earth was an option, she didn’t want to but it seemed like her talents could be put to better use elsewhere and they were always advertising for more crew to travel the galaxy. If she did she would have to leave everything behind and that was the killer, she couldn’t, didn’t want to whatever you want to call it, just no. The other option was of course stay and carry on as she was, accepting that she will be underappreciated no more or less than the next person, but remaining with the people who meant the most to her in her world. It was a difficult decision, one she would have to mull over, she left her spot on the cliff top and headed to the nearest village her friend welcomed her with open arms, she settled down to think about her situation and discuss it with her friend.

Clean Laundry Flying in the Breeze

Clean laundry on the line should not offend, it is merely drying why would you take offence? Its bizarre to think just how many people do, I have a friend who’s neighbour took unnecessary offence to her drying her laundry outside in her front garden, there was no option to put it out the back so where else can it go? The local news got involved and a whole campaign for freedom of expression exploded with the rest of the town rallying with her and also doing the same, one can only hope that the neighbour feels suitably acknowledged.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and perceptions and more power to them for expressing themselves but when you have no choice but to dry your washing outside I’d like to think people wouldn’t offended. I’m lucky as we have a communal garden with washing lines so there are no secrets between us haha.

Kate loved the smell of clean laundry, clean bedding being her absolute favourite she looked forward to it every week, it helped her snuggle down into the best of sleeps, when everything was clean it felt the best its just a shame she forgot whilst she was writing, she was so engrossed she barely looked up, 8 hours a day sat at her desk staring at the screen to some that would be a miserable existence but when she was writing nothing mattered she just shut off the world and got on with building a new one, her characters did tend to resemble real life from her tight circle of friends but it almost always improved the story so she didn’t mind and neither had her editor when she had grown to understand it. Letting her real life spill into her writing sometimes make it a bit challenging ensuring they remained anonymous, she wouldn’t want her friends recognising themselves if for some reason they read one of her books (heaven forbid). To be clear she had only been published once the number of manuscripts she actually had was about 100 none of which seemed to go anywhere but many of them had potential one day she would go through a few and submit them see if they did, you never know she thought airing the laundry could make her some money.

More on Kate from my upcoming novel.

An Old Friend

I once had an old friend, an old faithful if you will, he was the essence of the tool box, without it I was incomplete. I suppose we all end up with something we equate to being our special something, a purse, a car something integral to ones life, we form attachments based on criteria created to comfort us and fulfil a need of some kind.

The hammer itself was nothing special, it wasnt the Rolls Royce of hammers but neither was it the value saver version, it was about half way in between and it was perfect. No job was too difficult when you wielded it, it truly was the finest tool I owned, until one day I went to look for it and it had gone. I searched all the places I knew I would have left it but no luck, I couldn’t imagine what I would do, I couldn’t replace it. I gave up looking after a while, it had clearly been stolen and there would be no getting it back.

The hammer was indeed stolen, it seemed that someone walked into my workshop one night and helped themselves to just that and nothing else. I tried not to think about who would do such a horrible thing knowing my attachment to it, not to mention why they did it, rather than letting the negative energy get to me Ill acknowledge its gone and move on, there was no need to put anymore energy into it, no good would come of it. I moved on and the hammer had been retired from my life, I managed to get a replacement it continued the tradition of being the best hammer I had ever used, although I had only possessed two I felt I knew what made a hammer truly great, a questionable logic and no real proof make a mockery of my authority on the matter.

The second hammer went missing after several years of use, I couldnt understand or believe it, where did they go? Stolen again, the CCTV actually caught it this time, I recognised the shape, I didnt understand why they did it though, It bothered me for some time, I didnt want to confront them for fear of the reaction, something would have to be done, I sent them a message asking to talk. Meeting them was difficult, they were resentful and possessive, I asked why? It was because they wanted something that meant as much to them as the hammer did to me.

Day Zero

Truth be told day zero was a few days ago, Helen knew this but it somehow didn’t matter, she had wanted to start afresh and now was her chance. Identity theft in a world slowly filling with bio metrics was big business, but you had to be clever, finger prints are unique, its almost impossible to create one which will work on all devices and systems, the person who managed that would be sitting on a yacht sunning themselves and drinking cocktails shortly after they patented it. Helen wanted to be that person, she wished she could crack it, she would never need to worry about money ever again. Government bodies would want it even more than any number of criminal organisations, her daily struggle was a very slow progression, she needed to beat everyone else to it and she knew she wasn’t alone in in this race.

Soon she would be the proud owner and creator of the formula and when she was a world of opportunity would be heading her way. Having barely left the lab for weeks she continued to struggle to see what was right in front of her, it was only when her mentor came and physically took her away for a week to rest that she saw where the formula was going wrong. The maths were simple, she would change it when she was back in the lab. Right now her body and her mind needed rest.

365 Minutes

Rarely does anyone contemplate 365 minutes because we associate the number 365 with days in a year, 6 hours and 5 minutes or roughly a quarter of the day is all 365 minutes is.

Ave knew that 365 was more important to the elite in minutes than days, their traditional time-space balance had been destroyed long ago and it was now pretty much all automated, the computers calculated and adapted the algorithms to create the most efficient processes based around the number 365. The worker level people wouldn’t even realise there had been a change but the higher up or more connected you were it started to make more of a difference.

6 hours here and there seemed like nothing but when it started to build up some were frustrated, how on earth could they manage their time with the constant adaptation, it was becoming simply impossible. Ave knew people weren’t happy he had seen plenty try and jump ship in the vain hope it would make their lives easier, not everyone benefited some were even worse off, that was hard to see but he was unable to assist. As long as he was off grid he couldn’t be found, if he was helping people it would lead them back to him and that was not a desirable situation.

Notes on character Ave, more coming soon.

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Casual or Smart-Casual

Photo by Bithin raj on Unsplash

Shakira knew what Smart-Casual meant, when her boss decided to change the office dress-code she was more than ready, others not so much. It wasn’t necessarily the main outfit that was the issue it was the accessories the shoes, hats, scarves whatever you get the picture, Shakira’s flawless style was the envy of many in the office, they maintained she could wear a black plastic bag and still make it look ready for work, she wasn’t so convinced of this, it wasnt really something she fancied trying either.

It was difficult for her to do complete casual as she barely had time to sit down for dinner most nights, life had to change, she needed more time to herself, she decided to work smarter, it took time but it paid off, now she was able to sit down to dinner every evening sometimes even alone. Personal space was precious to her, she loved sharing things with friends and family but there were some days where me time was what was necessary.

Over time the progression meant she would run the company almost completely remotely, although there would still be physical offices for the core staff the rest would be mobile and actively networking, strengthening the company’s position in the market. Life was changing, she spent time jetting across the world to meet people rather than spending days looking at spreadsheets and reports, it was infinitely preferable to be travelling and she had met plenty of new and interesting people along the way.

Shakira’s casual was for when she was on holiday, the sweatpants and hoodie (designer of course) and the trainers or the bikini on the beach, a floppy sun hat. When she returned to the office all this reverted back to business, no more casual, she was smart-casual now.

I’m Going to be Sick?

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

It was flu season and Kerry knew it would try and get her, difference between her and her friends was her desire not to get sick, she carried on strong not worrying about the dreaded influenza bug winging its way around their friendship group.

Kerry knew that she would probably pick up the virus at some point but her body and mind were prepared, she was strong willed whilst everyone else was falling foul of the nasty flu she was out carrying on as if nothing had happened, she didnt even feel a sniffle, she was sure that she had beaten it at its own game. Along with the mindset she boosted her body with vitamins and minerals to protect herself it worked to a point but after a long stretch without stopping she felt particularly achy at the end of one day, she ran herself a bath in the hopes that it would stretch everything out and melt away the pains of the day.

Lying in the hot bath she allowed herself to relax, her body was fighting the virus with impressive skill, her flu jab had at least been worth it, but she still started to get the sniffly feeling, giving herself a pep talk and steaming her sinuses in the bath as much as possible she said goodbye to the flu, it knew it was beaten there was no need to try anymore.

Kerry knew it would catch up with her eventually her mindset kept her body boosted and her immune system made short work with the assistance of the flu vaccine. Its well known they were only 98% effective but it was just the boost she needed to keep on track. Everyone around her wished they knew how to she did it, they couldn’t believe that it was that simple.

It was that simple she said you just need to believe.

Varnish or Tarnish?

The act of varnishing seals whatever you are painting, like a final layer of protection against the world, the coloured varnishes often change over time, the age fades them and the friction from use can tarnish the smooth service it creates.

Where varnishing is predominantly for wood, tarnishing refers to the changing colour of metal when it is for example submerged in water, you can also tarnish someones reputation but for some reason you cant varnish it?

Id like to think that varnishing someones reputation would be a positive thing to do to someone, it would boost confidence much in the same way that endorsements help to boost peoples reputations, this desire to tarnish the reputations of the people around us is not conducive to human harmony or world peace. To use a popular drag queen term politics has opened the library for some reading (although not so tongue in cheek) social media platforms like Twitter are rife with peoples disrespect and desire to totally destroy those who disagree with them, its sad that they cant take the abuse back, not that I would ever encourage it but as I always say if you cant take it dont deal with it.