Forest Fires

It is distressing to learn that the Amazon is aflame, especially as the scale which has been increasing since 2013 is now reaching critical point. Governments blaming local organisations for setting the fires due to cut funding is a ridiculous reaction. It is odd to think that this would be a knee jerk reaction when they have already blamed farmers for some of the fires earlier in the year. The rain forest by its very virtue is to a certain extent fire proof, this is as long as it remains moist and humid, but recently droughts and human activity have increased the numbers of fires dramatically. Previous Governments in Brazil have fined companies successfully in the past to reduce deforestation but its clear that the current Government are not interested in continuing the good work and are allowing the rain forest to be destroyed by carelessness.

The indigenous Amazonian people are in danger, although the topic is not trending on Twitter it still seems to be fairly popular, despite is now having gone on for three weeks and can be seen from space. This is now a crisis point, farmers use this method as a way of clearing land and although there are some trees like Sequoias which are helped by the fire as it burns away dead branches and leaves giving way for the new younger trees to shine through, this is unfortunately not the case in the Amazon, the statistics I am reading on Google are mind blowing, the shear amount of deforestation in an area which is one of our most environmentally important parts of the world you cannot expect the world to not suffer if we take away one of our only sources of cleaning the atmosphere. Global warming maybe a myth to some but it will become obvious soon enough that their disbelieve has contributed to the general degradation of the earth. You can see in the picture from USA Today below, its heart breaking to think there is an entire ecosystem at risk of complete extinction

This true-color image was captured by the VIIRS sensor onboard NOAA-20, which provides daily, high-resolution visible and infrared images of Earth’s atmosphere from across the globe. In this image, taken by NOAA-20, the smoke from these fires can be clearly seen.

From the outside it seems like there is little we can do, send aid possibly? But more importantly raise awareness. Join me on Twitter and #prayforamazonas

Trade Deals, Food Debacles & a Few Other Things

Scanning the headlines today moved me to write. The US wishes to impose acceptance of their hygiene standards upon the UK, including washing poultry in a chlorinated wash, a practice banned by the EU and something I was taught not to do whilst completing food health and safety courses. They would also be forcing us to accept GM fruit and vegetables, something that has not been cleared for human consumption by the EU. It is argued that we have actually been eating GM foods for some time now, and 20 years ago the UK was at the forefront of the GM phenomenon. The Independent newspaper has an interesting article regarding the whole scenario for you to read here and The Spectator have an interesting take on it here. The government have been quoted as saying:

“We have been clear on numerous occasions that we will not compromise on our high food or animal welfare standards as part of any trade deals.”

Government Spokesperson, Independent Newspaper, 16.8.19

We can only but hope that this is the case, although these practices are technically ‘safe’ and yes our mains water is cleaned using chlorine, we can but hope that the water companies will starting using UV to sterilise water – this practice is becoming more common because it also kills the legionella bacteria which causes the sometimes fatal Legionnaires’ disease, caused by inhaling the bacteria found outdoors, legionella bacteria survive in soil and water, but rarely cause infections. Indoors, though, legionella bacteria can multiply in all kinds of water systems — hot tubs, air conditioners and mist sprayers in the produce section of the supermarket. It has also been found in car screen wash tanks.

Take from this information what you will, there will always be bias in the way media present issues to you, they all have their own hidden agenda and in these turbulent times of brexit and other horrors they will use stories to scare us into changing our minds. Those who read it will be influenced one way or another, agreeing or disagreeing with the issues being discussed. There will be U-Turns in this selection of supposed mini-deals being discussed over the coming months, with the suggestion of discussing manufacturing now and leaving more complicated issues like agriculture until later, but as several have said it would be remiss to leave agriculture out of the equation when considering the deal as a whole. The US attitude of well if you have tariffs then so do we and you have to accept them is not helpful and frankly childish. We can but hope that things will be done in our best interests as the government says but we all know where that normally gets us.

All this is happening whilst a fiasco is going on with Israel and the USA – from my perspective it comes as an almost orchestrated act by Trump and the Israeli government, but to what end?

Another headline which seems to be growing is the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein develops as an autopsy reveals broken neck bones consistent with strangulation, he was a well connected financier a registered sex offender and the accusations against him remain shocking. Whether it was the pressure of spilling the beans or fear from someone else he might spill the beans is almost irrelevant as there is no chance for closure for his victims. The Washington Post has an interesting article here. What was most interesting is reading the trending section of Twitter relating to this story because at the bottom there were links to local suicide helplines for those who feel they might be in need of help, which can only be a positive step towards better mental health for everyone.

Writing – A Life Purpose?

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Getting to know yourself is the first and most positive step towards finding your purpose – it may not be the easiest as you will be dealing with issues you had maybe ignored or tried to forget. Opening up to yourself can be even more difficult than opening up to someone else although we may not admit it – we put on a pretty good show. 

I came across an interesting article by Tchiki Davis, Ph.D. in which she talks about 5 steps to finding your life purpose far more eloquently than I an able at this stage.

I would love to tell you that its easy to find your purpose in life but that would be a lie, for some it comes easily – others not so much and some never find out. In my experience looking directly for it also doesn’t help necessarily in the way you would like it to. It starts with knowing yourself – easier said than done I hear you cry and yes but remember we put the barriers up – we can take them down again. All these things I realise are easy for me to say – I am still fully learning my purpose – we never stop learning. 

Writing is not something I was good at at school, I could pass the essays but with no great style and I had no desire to write for pleasure. As I continued throughout my education the writing skills improved mostly in the subjects I enjoyed the most, which is hardly surprising that I would excel in something I was more interested in. 

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Social media was still in its infancy and Facebook launched in the UK not long after I started University. I discovered blogger – a journal type website which allowed me to share my camera pictures online with the world. How many people actually read it is another matter. It started as a journal documenting photos I was particularly proud of and events and gigs I had been to, Over time it grew as the technology and the web hosting evolved and became available for the general public. 

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I wouldn’t say that my entire purpose is to write – more that I hope my writing will help people all over the world and leave a record of all the pieces I have written throughout my life. All I really want to do is help other people – whether its directly or indirectly because of something I have shared. 

 I have chosen a series of topics to write about over the next few months, they will be therapeutic posts for me and I hope that my writing will help someone out there even if its just a reassurance they aren’t alone in their feelings. Although we are all different, we often travel similar paths and I hope my experiences and thoughts can be of help.

I would love to know your thoughts on life purposes do you believe we all have a purpose? Please leave a comment below or come join the conversation at