Blogging 101: Day 12 Challenge

Admittedly this is a slightly ‘late’ submission but this is because it got me thinking about how i can interpret this prompt. Since blogging is about being a community i take inspiration from my own local writing group.
Writers Anon – Tauntons Writing Group
Peter / 12/09/2014
“You have left your homeland with your family and several others in a fleet of ships. You land on what appears to be an empty and fruitful land.
How would you and your family adapt? Or would you try and live as you did in your old land? Would your community survive or like the Greenland Vikings would your civilisation eventually fade away?
Write the first day in the new land, the ecstasy, fear and relief at reaching your ‘promised land’ but what do you do now?”
Day One 
We arrived late last night so it was unclear as to the state of the island we had found, the dawn broke at 6am according to my watch, as the rose it was evident that we had stumbled on something akin to a mini paradise.
I looked across the rolling green fields and a forest to the right. I turn to my family who are stood beside me and say “i think we will be ok”; unfortunately my family are a little less optimistic, my sister pipes up “what will we do for food?” i turn to her “well i’m sure we can grow our own, i’m sure the forrest will have fruits nuts and berries to keep us going and we can make cooking utensils from the wood”
We had set sail 3 days ago (several boats escaping an apocalyptic style home to which we could no longer return) the further we went the more anxious people became to settle somewhere, we eventually were nearly shipwrecked due to the rocks protecting the island but the ships were mainly unharmed.
“Right” i saw decisively and turning to the rest of the group “the best thing we can do is explore as much as possible and try and formulate a plan, we intend our civilisation to continue not to fade and die, we will need to work together to rebuild our lives and share out bounty with one another”
There was a nod of agreement and general muttering of agreement.
As we all dispersed across the island (it was quite large but for the stronger more athletic of us possible to walk across in one day) people started looking for places to make proper homes rather than the crude shelters we had made the night before. As the day went on you could see little developments of communities all and there was general laughter and merriment by the evening time.
We still have a long way to go and people are apprehensive of the future but this place is our home now we must make it work.

Blogging 101: Day 9 Challenge – Inspired by the community

Having done yesterdays assignment this morning, i felt it prudent to at least wait for people to respond to the comments i have left. I have to say i didn’t have to wait long for messages to come back to my.
If i am honest i have been totally overwhelmed by the response to my writing and totally amazed at how many inspirational people there are out there blogging today! I have seen photography, food, poems, literature, political ideals it is truly fascinating at the diversity that this world has created.
There were many blogs that i found which touched me and some truly interesting perspectives, i confess that i wasn’t particularly interesting with my comments as i was slightly speechless, however my favourite comments i received back was that i had made someones day, to me that is better than winning any competition and i truly hope that everyone continues to be so supportive of each other as for me this is the best group learning environment i have been in so far.
To me Zip’s poetry is absolutely stunning, i have to confess its not a skill that i possess so i am always intrigued and inspired to find other people who are able to do this, not only that but the style of the blog fits with the posts simple and elegant. Reading through the comments on each poem it seems that she has struck a chord with many people and i can feel the emotion not only in the poems but in the comments as well. It has encouraged me to think about writing my own poetry in the future and i hope it continues to inspire many other people.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 15.44.01

Blogging 101: Day 6 Challenge – Make Your About Page Irresistible

Having written my ‘About Me’ page not very long ago it made me wonder how i can change it to make it better…not that i am saying that its perfect in anyway by all means; to me this page needs to express who i am as a person and explain the blog to those who have never read it before, this got me thinking even more as i re-read mine, ‘it seems a bit short’ was my first thought but again it doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long however it may seem a bit concise to some.
So here goes…
Welcome to my blog…hopefully you will experience a feast of recipes, pictures, stories and a wealth of personal experiences.
As a teenager i was fairly rebellious, i had big ideas of what i was going to be and a list of things that i stood for and thought/hoped i would never be. A trip to a careers fair allowed me to see what i thought was my future, with this in mind i applied for a course (interestingly not the one id seen at the careers fair) in International Business Management and off i went. After various personal issues which occurred and sheer determination i finally graduated and ended up as all students do…temping, in my case it was the joys of customer service and frankly on reflection this may have been the point at which i should have seen the light especially as most of my friends had some how made it into jobs that actually utilised their degrees. All of that said i do not regret my decision to go to university however i am aware that i should have listened to younger self a lot more.
The younger me clearly knew that i was destined for big things but i lost myself somewhat along the way by the time i had reached my late twenties i had had enough of the job in customer service as it was causing far more stress than its worth (unfortunately they didnt pay me a managers wage to do a managers job but thats beside the point). With the help of my grandparents just before my 30th birthday i handed in my notice and decided to take a year off to rediscover myself and all the things that make me happy.
So far i had travelled for a month, started a blog and also signed up to do volunteering which not only helps me gain more skills but actually puts my degree into practice, its not to say that i wont go back to work but hopefully this will be the start of something amazing in my life and for the first time i would like to share it with the world, i hope you enjoy my stories and any feedback or input you may have is more than welcome.

An Interesting Week: Part 1

So this week i started the blogging101 and writing101 courses here on WordPress. The courses came at the perfect time as i have been looking at doing exactly this type of course but unfortunately it cost quite a lot of money which has been putting me off making a decision to book it and do it (it also didn’t seem to have quite such a widespread selection of people to ask for support and bounce ideas off) It has been great being able to interact and discuss things with such a large number of diverse and interesting people from all around the world.
As i sit here tapping away and trying to improve my confidence in my free writing the sun is shining and a breeze is running through the flat i still struggle somewhat to let the words flow…by all accounts its a beautiful day which inspires me to carry on and try and convey the feelings i have experienced this week whilst doing the writing prompts.
I knew this was not going to be easy when i started it, although i do enjoy writing it is not the easiest task for me and i struggle between a quest for perfection and a difficulty in translating my thoughts into words. However this does not stop me from trying to improve my skills and confidence.
Some of the prompts took very little time and at all, and some were definitely a challenge, for instance the brevity challenge by far took me the longest as, in my mind, i struggled to keep it as concise as i would have liked but none the less the sense of achievement when i had completed the task made me feel very good and i hope to continue to enjoy the more challenging prompts even more as i continue through the course.

Blogging 101: Day 5 Challenge

For me the day 5 challenge was relatively easy not to mention because i have been playing round with themes for the past few days (although i have settled on my current one it was still interesting to see how different types of theme look)
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 14.59.42 Visual is essentially a really great clear screen but for me it was a little too busy on the text side of things when you look at it. Having said that the columns were great for organising posts i just prefer them going down rather than across.Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.02.12
Bushwick again a really nice clear theme but not really for me, if i were to use it i would definitely change the picture although i really feel that the buttons used for the links make it look a bit clunky Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.04.00
Confit – This is a stylish theme however for me a full background image detracts somewhat from the writing, and also the pictures you put in your post, some readers may like this style but personally its a bit too distracting for me.
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.07.18
TWENTY ELEVEN – My current theme and my current favourite, i have amended the main picture to one of my own and i really feel that the layout suits my writing much better, i did have a photography based one before but the pale writing made it really difficult to see.
Well i hope you have enjoyed my post and i hope that you like my theme….