Are Robots Taking Over?

Chad stared at his arm, he couldnt believe his eyes, there had been nothing left of it after that IED exploded on then the other day. When the doctors said they could rebuild it he laughed, his hand had pretty much nothing left in terms of skin and muscle as with most of his fore arm. Agreeing to the surgery was a no brainer, he had pretty much nothing to lose as it wasn’t a functioning appendage as it was so he if he lost it then hey no biggie. The minimal recovery time was also a big selling point as he needed to get back to work, bills never paid themselves no matter how much he wanted them to. The down side if you could call it one was that he now had a ‘robot arm’ he himself did not have a problem with it but some of his friends and colleagues did, their vehement hatred for robots stemmed from their misguided belief that they can be replaced by a robot with artificial intelligence.

Scientists have known for years that even though robots can be taught and they can teach themselves its not practical to remove humans from the equation completely, AI is still unpredictable and because we understand the rate at which humans evolve they are much easier to control than a robot who is still learning and exponentially increasing its intelligence and emotions is much harder to deactivate than a human they are squishy and can be killed if all else fails.

The one good thing was that it looked pretty natural and fitted under his jackets like a normal arm would, it also seemed to function like a normal arm, it was awesome, how they had managed to rebuild what was left was truly a miracle. Without robots he would still be missing a functioning arm so everyone else could shove their opinions. It felt good to have a working limb again he was worried about how he would get back to work with one one functioning arm. As he hadnt told anyone of his surgery it was going to be an interesting exercise seeing peoples reactions. Of course his parents knew and as his mom took him home they talked about the reception his arm would get, his mom was pragmatic knowing that people would have very little to say initially but once the shock was over they would probably change their opinions and support him, they were more intelligent than Chad gave them credit for. Chad thought his mom was being overly generous but they would just have to see who was right. Meeting them that evening would be the testing ground.

The Loss of Something Real

Losing something can be as trivial as a pen or as serious as a life, its not something that is ever taken lightly. To Calum losing money was nothing, he had plenty he knew he wouldn’t miss it, he had a high paying job and a rich family, two things that most didn’t, whatever he wanted he got either himself or through his parents, the sweep stakes at work were pocket change to him even, he seemed to win every year anyway so he always ended up with more money than he started with. The abundance that surrounded him had been created over time his hard work and passion to succeed had given him the boost to create his own empire separate to that of his family.

His friend Lucas was different he didn’t have plenty so to him losing money was a big deal, he only gambled in sweep stakes at work because they were part of the team spirit he had yet to win and thusly just ended up assuming he would never win, it was only 5 bits to enter so it didn’t break the bank but either way it was still a loss. Stuck in a poverty rut he never seemed to be able to see a way out, he envied Calum because of his good position, what he couldn’t see was that his ‘losing’ attitude was the one keeping him in that rut, the way out was a change of plan and vision which involved a certain amount of hard work but the reward would far out weigh anything else. All Lucas saw was hard work and that was where the problem lay, he worked hard at his job (or so he thought) why should he work harder to get what he wanted? There the problem remains, the only way to move forward is to work on it, little by little piece by piece it will all fall into place.

Fear of the Unknown

To fear is something all of us do, whether it be rational or irrational the feeling can be crippling. Henrietta knew that her fear of spiders was irrational, they barely scratched the surface of the skin and never really got much bigger than a side plate. It didn’t stop her feeling terrified anytime she saw one, at least now she didn’t scream she just thew things instead. It was a relief not to have snakes in the country as well, she really wouldn’t have been able to cope with that. Another irrational fear to be consigned to the back of her mind, hoping she will never go to a country it will be a problem.

Fear of the unknown is something most of us experience at some point in our lives, Henrietta felt it most of the time, she struggled in a constant battle with herself. Confronting herself was the only way of progressing she knew that but she also avoided confrontation like the plague, a paradox you might cry, she knew how it sounded she should be standing up to herself every time. Vowing to sort the problem out one way or another she sat down with paper and pen and wrote out her conversation with herself, she confronted herself using questions she wouldn’t normally ask, at first she shied away not wanting to admit her short comings but then the answers came flooding through, she noted as much as she could, it would need re-writing no doubt.

Life would challenge her again, her fear of the unknown was as irrational as the spiders.

Death Becomes Real

Death is inevitable the how the when the where seem to be details to be confirmed at a later date. There are inherent negative connotations with death but really once someone has gone there is little chance of them coming back so it’s best to make the most of time you have with everyone in your life if you have something to say then say it and if something needs doing do it you may never get that second chance you were waiting for.

Katherine walked as she often did across the moors with her family and friends, they enjoyed the countryside and the peaceful feeling that it brought, half way round her usual route she made a distressing discovery, a half eaten animal, she wasn’t quite sure what it had been, the remains were pretty mangled. Such a shame she thought, then wondered what could have done such a horrible thing, further along there were some items of clothing scattered around, nothing particularly unique, a few moments further and there was a dead body. Face down in the dirt it was not clear how long they had been there possibly only a few hours maybe a few days. Approaching it was difficult the smell had already become quite pungent she found a stick and poked it to see if she could roll it over. To her horror she recognised the face, how had she not realised they were missing, she quickly moved the stick back and fumbled for her phone. Calling the police was difficult and she spent the next few days explaining her side of the story, they were suspicious but the evidence was there to back her up. After the investigation died down she reflected on why she hadnt called and checked in with them knowing their situation, she vowed she would never make that mistake again.

The Time For Us Now

The world is in a transitional phase, we look to everyone else to enact change in our own lives. Permission to be you does not come from anyone else bar you. Colette thought about this statement, she knew it was not that easy but she saw the point though, why would you need permission to be yourself, it only impacts everyone else through her interactions with them.

Colette also knew the importance of being herself, a lesson she had painfully learnt the previous night, putting on a front is what most of us do, its not good but its more common than not, life is something we all have to deal with, her protective front popped like a balloon when she got too close to someone. The shock of her forwardness alarmed even her, maybe this was her, the front she put on was the thing she was trying to mask.

The time to re-evaluate and embrace was now, she needed to sort her need for a front, there should be none, she was happy in herself and loved herself (mostly) it was a definite work in progress. Life hadn’t been kind to her but she was ready to turn the hourglass upside down and take charge of the time she had lost control of. Moments had been lost but they will be regained in more effective use of the future.

The Apple of her Eye

She watched him peacefully sleeping.
His tiny body barely made a dent in the mattress.
The snoring was music to her ears as she sat
on her rocking chair.

Finally a son to be the apple of her eye.
The family name will go on for years to come.
The love he will experience is second to none.
He stirs in his sleep she leans over to ensure all well,

The peaceful face remained unchanged, the hands and feet
scrunched up close to his body, the blanket covered him
keeping out the draft which seemed to arrive out of nowhere.
He did not wake as the chill washed over his fragile body.

A Terrible Crime

He lay there unable to move, it felt like it had been ages, falling from 4 storeys up wasn’t far but it was far enough to shatter a few bones. Sitting up was not an option but he needed to see if there was any help, he tried to shout but realising no sound was coming out of his mouth he tried to move an arm. The flash of white hot pain was too much and he recoiled in horror, he couldn’t deal with the silence though, he tried to shout again this time a small noise came out, he nearly cried at least he wasn’t mute. Zed hadn’t meant to fall out of the window, he suspected he had been pushed but by whom he was not sure, he remembered climbing onto the counter and leaning over the window box of his apartment but that was pretty much it, the next thing he knew he was flat out on the ground. Shouting was not his favourite pass time but he tried again in case someone might actually hear, this time his voice was louder, not its usual full blast but definitely attention grabbing, he shouted again and again, eventually he heard slow footsteps walking towards him. The sound echo’d off the end of the alley way, he hoped it was a good Samaritan here to help him, the closer they got the more nervous Zed became, he started praying to a non-existent god in the vain hope it would boost his chances. The face that appeared was oddly familiar, he scrunched up his eyes hoping that might clear his vision a bit, the face finally swam into focus after about 30 seconds. It was his next door neighbour, “what in gods name happened to you Zed?” Irene’s concerned face was now very much in his face, Zed tried slowly to explain, then realised hospital was far more important “call 112 i need an ambulance” Irene shocked fumbled for her phone “oh my god yes of course sorry” she dialled the number and explained the situation to the operator her manner had changed from panicked to calm at the flick of a switch “right” she said putting the phone down “they are on their way, so sorry about that, just shocked to see you on the floor like this, did you fall out of the window?” Zed stared at her in disbelief, why on earth is she asking such stupid questions, he was literally broken in 15 places in his body, he had no idea how he ended up on the ground, he closed his eyes and hoped the professionals would arrive soon. The sirens started getting louder and louder as they came closer, it was a relief as Irene had not shut up the entire time with a stream of verbal diarrhoea that would impress a stand-up comedian. The ambulance backed down the alley way to get as close as possible, they couldn’t risk moving him too far, the paramedics took control of the situation and told Irene to go back to her apartment, this didn’t go down particularly well but she reluctantly left. Zed wasn’t really sure he wanted to know why she’d made a fuss he knew he didn’t really care, the ride was bumpy back into the ambulance and they shut the doors and set off for the hospital, pain meds were administered and his identification details copied for notification of next of kin and insurance.

The hospital received their new patient and set him up in his room ready for treatment, the nurse scanned his details, everything looked perfectly fine on the surface. Underneath was a plan unfolding across the entire network, his details causing a ripple of attacks to every level of security. Making copies of every file it duplicated the network and replaced it with a facade that would make any user think all was well, then the timer started. 24 hours until the network will be nuked from the inside out, users still unwitting in this horrific violation of peoples information. The ransom note sent demanded £90 Million, the hospital couldnt pay it and neither would the government. Was this the end? Zed knew it wasn’t but nobody else did.

Dare to Dream Your Best Life

 “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

We dream more than we will ever actually do, but imagine if you actually did all the things you dreamed of, within reason of course there’s no need to re-enact distressing dreams and situations. Life is a bit strange, you dream of your best life it throws you a curve ball, you unwittingly catch the curve ball lumbering yourself with a small obstruction between you and your best life. As I see it life is trying to teach you not to catch the curve ball – not by stumbling and not catching it but because it was never thrown in the first place. Everything is there for the taking you just have to ask for and accept it, there maybe consequences, like the chocolate cake/calorie trade off but if you think its worth your time then you should do it.

Dreaming is your brain’s way of dealing with things going on in your head, it can also be what you desire, for example having a large house or lots of money, you visualise it through your dreams. So if you can conceive the idea there is no reason why you cannot achieve it, you are an unstoppable force limited only by yourself utilise your potential. Dream as big as you dare, you never know what you can achieve with a bit of determination and desire.

Memories of a Human

A collection of memories might be physical, they might be mental either way they are part of our psyche. Connor knew this when he tried new things and it reminded him of a similar experience, the memory flashed back through his mind. To Connor memories were more than just thoughts in your head, he collected physical parts of every significant experience he had. Alphabetised by name and categorised by activity the filing process was so much easier now it was all digitised, thousands of memories all tied up in a tiny computer chip it was difficult to believe now small these things were.

The memories were pictures or samples of the output of the activity, not everything could be created into something physical but thats what digital cameras were for nowadays. Some day, he thought, they will make camera implants for your eyes, then you will just have to download anything you want to your drive. A scientist he was not by any means but he did have an idea of how he wanted his collection to grow and how best to preserve and record it.

Connor had a dark side, there were the samples he collected from ‘staged scenes’ similar to snuff films and even more sinister he thrived in his alter egos character. The other side as he liked to refer to it was where he went to relax, it was a safe space for him but rarely anyone else. The rage often spilled over into his dark side which caused the annoying problem of being angry in his safe space, not at all how it should be. He often wished he could stay there so he didnt have to deal with the stresses of the world but he knew that it wasn’t practical as only he lived there and he did have friends that he liked to spend time with so he resigned himself to being able to visit.

Over time when more memories were collected and he had time to think about it, he realised why not bring his friends to his safe space? He wanted to be calm, open and honest with them, they will be in my safe space so I can be me and my memories are mine, no one else’s. Letting people in to his safe space sounded like a crazy move but it’s not because it is the perfect test of his strength. It would highlight any problems he might still be dealing with that he cant think of right now, but best of all it shows his friends how he feels and how he respects them. The memories he collects he can share with those friends and hopefully they will be as interested as he is.

Love is but a Floating Cloud

The love we have for others is different to the way we feel about say a car or some sort of everyday possession, we invest emotion in that object and nurture it for reasons known not even to ourselves sometimes, but it is not the same as the love you feel for a family member or a close friend.

Love is a floating cloud because of this, the cloud engulfs the situation, different situations make different clouds, they could be bigger or smaller, some thicker than others it depends on the level of emotional investment which is determined by your subconscious and its budgeting skills. Love shouldn’t have to be budgeted for but then its not an endless resource, you can only share yourself so much and you need to remember to look after number one.

Loving yourself is not selfish it should be encouraged, and in the same vein as arrogance shouldn’t be confused with confidence, self-love should not be confused with selfishness. If one is happy and loving themselves the enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring others to be the same way, this can only be a good thing for you and for everyone else. Spreading positive mindset should be encouraged ensuring everyone is pleasant to work with and objectives can be achieved, this doesn’t just cover work it extends to friendship as well, you want to be pleasant for your friends and likewise them to you right?

Love is like a floating cloud it hovers over you and the other person like a woolly jumper. You wish it would stay forever but every so often you have to wash it so you know there will be times where the love might be gone for a while. It doesn’t meant its not in the background its just not available to you right at this moment. If love isn’t available right now it will be with you as soon as it can, in the mean time love yourself.