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Happy National Lasagna Day 2020

Lasagne, need I say more? Its the food of the gods and infinitely adaptable, I dare you to find a requirement it cannot satisfy, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian name one it can be done!

So whether you are making lasagne today or not I suggest you consider trying another version next time you make it. If you are a meat eater try a vegetarian, obviously vegans cant choose meat but there are an infinite number of combinations you can make using veggies go spicy or pasta free and combine different cheeses for different toppings.

There are thousands of different recipes but I’ve always been two layers ragu and put the cheese sauce on top it saves a lot of messing around. The gallery shows an interesting collection of interpretations I think. What’s your favourite version? Let me know on the comments below or join the conversation at or

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