Who Wants A Cupcake?

In times of crisis and hysteria I think its time for a lighthearted post, here are my 5 favourite cupcake flavours and links to recipes, to those who bake – happy baking to those who prefer eating them happy eating!

  1. Salted Caramel and Chocolate – Salted caramel oozing out of the middle and a gooey chocolate sponge is probably my absolute favourite. Lauren’s recipe is easy and delicious grab it here
  2. Carrot and Cream Cheese Cupcakes – Mini carrot cakes are a hands down winner for me, the cream cheese frosting is just delish! Grab the recipe from the BBC Food website here
  3. Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes with Frosting – Although ive never tried this flavour I admire Half Baked Harvest and her fantastic Instagram account, grab this intriguing recipe here
  4. Lemon Cupcakes With Lavender Frosting – I have had lavender shortbread with lemon and it was just delicious so I think its safe to say The Pioneer Woman has nailed my fourth choice, find the recipe here
  5. Cheesecake Cupcakes – what witchery is this you ask? Well mini cheesecakes are a thing and they are here to stay, Cooking Classy has you covered with the recipe here

I hope you enjoyed this light interlude, stay safe and stay healthy and feel free to share your recipes in the comments below or join the conversation at Facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or Twitter.com/onlynomesforyou

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