The Joys of Sharing

Whether I have a little or I have a lot, I always share the things I can. When you travel you meet a whole world of different people, some might make you stop and think for a moment ‘how generous this person is’ and I have been very privileged to be recipient of such kindness, when travelling in California we were adopted by a local who showed us where to camp, brought us food at the bus station, we even ended up at an amazing art gallery opening party (but more about that another day). In Macedonia despite my misgivings was helped by some very kind people when my phone decided to stop working they gave me Internet and even called a taxi and spoke to the guy I was meeting for my keys to the apartment I had rented. The whole world and it’s cultures are very set in the traditions of behaviour we expect as with the rest of the world but the fact is that our expectations vary vastly and as we have seen in many amusing stories over the years how wrong we can also get it.┬áHaving said all that sharing is an enriching part of life and should be encouraged whether you are sharing a meal with someone or your knowledge to give them a helping hand it can only make the world a better place.
Source: The Joys of Sharing

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