An Indian Adventure – Into Nepal

The drive to Chitwan National Park was a long and slightly scary one, it was hot and then we started climbing into the Himalayas. The traffic was awful (I’m not sure I understand why) and the 100 ft drops to the side of us seem to be awfully close. The journey was however worth every minute spent on that coach, we also got to see the variety of different ways in which truck drivers and coach drivers decorate their vehicles with colourful paints and beads – quite the sight!Once we had arrived at the national park we unpacked in our little huts which were to be our home for the next few days. It was a magical place with stunning scenery and animals to see.We rode on elephants to explore the park further and we were even lucky enough to see some rhinos which absolutely made the trip for me, they are such majestic creatures. In the evening we watched a traditional village dance and many of us joined in – some inebriated others not.Its onward to Kathmandu from Chitwan – another trip further into the Himalayas and higher altitudes.
Source: An Indian Adventure – Into Nepal

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