Does it Matter?

Its the little things that matter, not the big things, arguments are almost always never about something important, its the inconsequential act of leaving the toilet seat up or forgetting to take the bins out. Trinity was doing her best not to get annoyed with both the big and little things, life was doing its best to test her, she was starting to understand why everyone had been telling her to deal with her emotions and issues.

Trinity knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was in the right, life was playing tricks on her and she needed to make it stop, her conviction and belief in herself needed to be much stronger, she had made plans, sticking to it was the the only way of getting away from life and its cruel taunts.

Creativity came and went her writing was her passion but her characters had other ideas, they were currently in charge of the story, her job was to guide them through the universe they had created themselves. Take charge of the story people said, dont let the characters rule you they said, they dont understand, you cant take charge just like that they kept their ideas to themselves the story flowed from their actions and reactions, the drama created and endured was an odd mix of self-flagellation and childlike mischievousness.

There was no apparent logic, she hoped that the editing process for ensure that she could take control back from the characters and carry the story on.

asdf – If You Know What I Mean?

Tarnya stared at the keyboard – asdf the first 4 letters of the middle row, used by many as space fillers. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking she knew this, but it had to mean something, she had seen it in other places, the internet was a big place and letters and numbers filled the world. Playing with words was one of her favourite things to do, it allowed her to express herself in ways she couldnt otherwise, the combinations were rich and varied and asdf produced some amusing acronyms.

The acronyms themselves were not important in this instance because all she wanted to know was why start with asdf on the keyboard, theres qwerty on the top row and zxcv on the bottom, and then every other letter in the alphabet to the right. It was standard practice now, she would have to look it up once the exam was over, she was surprised thinking about it that it hadnt been in the exam, it was a keyboard and typing course wasnt it? Checking the front of her exam book it seemed to indicate it was related to keyboard and typing, she thought back to her lessons, they had been about those things, so how did she miss learning about the layout?

Hurrying to finish the exam she neglected to notice the pages stuck together at the back, it was a section about layout, her fellow pupils informed her shortly after they had all finished. Tarnya was slightly devastated to have missed a whole section. The results would speak for themselves and she would have to deal with the consequences.

The results came, she had passed, miraculously the examiner had also missed the last section. Life didnt change vastly because of this moment but Tarnya learnt a lesson, to pay more attention to detail.

Day Zero

Truth be told day zero was a few days ago, Helen knew this but it somehow didn’t matter, she had wanted to start afresh and now was her chance. Identity theft in a world slowly filling with bio metrics was big business, but you had to be clever, finger prints are unique, its almost impossible to create one which will work on all devices and systems, the person who managed that would be sitting on a yacht sunning themselves and drinking cocktails shortly after they patented it. Helen wanted to be that person, she wished she could crack it, she would never need to worry about money ever again. Government bodies would want it even more than any number of criminal organisations, her daily struggle was a very slow progression, she needed to beat everyone else to it and she knew she wasn’t alone in in this race.

Soon she would be the proud owner and creator of the formula and when she was a world of opportunity would be heading her way. Having barely left the lab for weeks she continued to struggle to see what was right in front of her, it was only when her mentor came and physically took her away for a week to rest that she saw where the formula was going wrong. The maths were simple, she would change it when she was back in the lab. Right now her body and her mind needed rest.

365 Minutes

Rarely does anyone contemplate 365 minutes because we associate the number 365 with days in a year, 6 hours and 5 minutes or roughly a quarter of the day is all 365 minutes is.

Ave knew that 365 was more important to the elite in minutes than days, their traditional time-space balance had been destroyed long ago and it was now pretty much all automated, the computers calculated and adapted the algorithms to create the most efficient processes based around the number 365. The worker level people wouldn’t even realise there had been a change but the higher up or more connected you were it started to make more of a difference.

6 hours here and there seemed like nothing but when it started to build up some were frustrated, how on earth could they manage their time with the constant adaptation, it was becoming simply impossible. Ave knew people weren’t happy he had seen plenty try and jump ship in the vain hope it would make their lives easier, not everyone benefited some were even worse off, that was hard to see but he was unable to assist. As long as he was off grid he couldn’t be found, if he was helping people it would lead them back to him and that was not a desirable situation.

Notes on character Ave, more coming soon.

What would you do with your 6 hours and 5 minutes, it sounds like a long time but is it really? join the conversation at

Casual or Smart-Casual

Photo by Bithin raj on Unsplash

Shakira knew what Smart-Casual meant, when her boss decided to change the office dress-code she was more than ready, others not so much. It wasn’t necessarily the main outfit that was the issue it was the accessories the shoes, hats, scarves whatever you get the picture, Shakira’s flawless style was the envy of many in the office, they maintained she could wear a black plastic bag and still make it look ready for work, she wasn’t so convinced of this, it wasnt really something she fancied trying either.

It was difficult for her to do complete casual as she barely had time to sit down for dinner most nights, life had to change, she needed more time to herself, she decided to work smarter, it took time but it paid off, now she was able to sit down to dinner every evening sometimes even alone. Personal space was precious to her, she loved sharing things with friends and family but there were some days where me time was what was necessary.

Over time the progression meant she would run the company almost completely remotely, although there would still be physical offices for the core staff the rest would be mobile and actively networking, strengthening the company’s position in the market. Life was changing, she spent time jetting across the world to meet people rather than spending days looking at spreadsheets and reports, it was infinitely preferable to be travelling and she had met plenty of new and interesting people along the way.

Shakira’s casual was for when she was on holiday, the sweatpants and hoodie (designer of course) and the trainers or the bikini on the beach, a floppy sun hat. When she returned to the office all this reverted back to business, no more casual, she was smart-casual now.

I’m Going to be Sick?

Photo by Adam NieĊ›cioruk on Unsplash

It was flu season and Kerry knew it would try and get her, difference between her and her friends was her desire not to get sick, she carried on strong not worrying about the dreaded influenza bug winging its way around their friendship group.

Kerry knew that she would probably pick up the virus at some point but her body and mind were prepared, she was strong willed whilst everyone else was falling foul of the nasty flu she was out carrying on as if nothing had happened, she didnt even feel a sniffle, she was sure that she had beaten it at its own game. Along with the mindset she boosted her body with vitamins and minerals to protect herself it worked to a point but after a long stretch without stopping she felt particularly achy at the end of one day, she ran herself a bath in the hopes that it would stretch everything out and melt away the pains of the day.

Lying in the hot bath she allowed herself to relax, her body was fighting the virus with impressive skill, her flu jab had at least been worth it, but she still started to get the sniffly feeling, giving herself a pep talk and steaming her sinuses in the bath as much as possible she said goodbye to the flu, it knew it was beaten there was no need to try anymore.

Kerry knew it would catch up with her eventually her mindset kept her body boosted and her immune system made short work with the assistance of the flu vaccine. Its well known they were only 98% effective but it was just the boost she needed to keep on track. Everyone around her wished they knew how to she did it, they couldn’t believe that it was that simple.

It was that simple she said you just need to believe.

Varnish or Tarnish?

The act of varnishing seals whatever you are painting, like a final layer of protection against the world, the coloured varnishes often change over time, the age fades them and the friction from use can tarnish the smooth service it creates.

Where varnishing is predominantly for wood, tarnishing refers to the changing colour of metal when it is for example submerged in water, you can also tarnish someones reputation but for some reason you cant varnish it?

Id like to think that varnishing someones reputation would be a positive thing to do to someone, it would boost confidence much in the same way that endorsements help to boost peoples reputations, this desire to tarnish the reputations of the people around us is not conducive to human harmony or world peace. To use a popular drag queen term politics has opened the library for some reading (although not so tongue in cheek) social media platforms like Twitter are rife with peoples disrespect and desire to totally destroy those who disagree with them, its sad that they cant take the abuse back, not that I would ever encourage it but as I always say if you cant take it dont deal with it.

Are My Milkshakes Better Than Yours?

She claims her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, just like in the song on the music channels, but her friends aren’t sure if this isn’t just a bizarre ploy to get attention. It could be classed as a cry for help in some books but all it was to her was a way of opening up to the world, the affection she craved she had not been deprived in anyway if anything she was indulged.

The milkshakes did indeed bring all the boys to the yard and what a variety there was, who knew the local area held such a wide and varied demographic. Pondering of the different traits in men she wondered what it was she actually wanted, the experiences were plentiful and whenever she pleased but did they actually achieve anything? was she growing as a person? The answer was sort of, it wasn’t not helping, she was learning not to make long term attachments but ultimately the goal was to find her soulmate, the truth was she should have been looking right under her nose. The realisation came during a particularly nasty session, she realised that she wasn’t really that kind of person anymore, although she had a wild side it was rarely on display because her life was already so fulfilling, the months of of what will now be called the milkshake experiments go to show that random encounters are a poor substitute for living your best life and experiencing new things the way you want to.

Ultimately you will find your soulmate when it is time, the one who ‘got away’ will either come back or not, if not it probably wasn’t meant to be, there will be that person out there for you, it might be a trial and a tribulation finding them but its all part of the journey you both take and the lessons you learn.