Out of the Woods

When you finally start feeling you are out the otherside of whatever debacle you happen to find yourself in, it is the best feeling in the world.

Whether you are a celebrity suffering from a media onslaught or someone on the receiving end of a barrage of social media abuse for something you posted when that notification bell finally stops ringing and you can stop wanting to throw your phone out the window. That’s when you know you are out of the woods.

I can’t claim to know this feeling but I can imagine the frustration of the phone explosion.

Love yourself and ignore the haters.

Pure and Simple

The yearly event of Talk Like a Pirate Day is a tradition I do find entertaining, an entire day of ‘yargs’ and ‘me hearties’, more often than not I forget until too late in the day for it to not just sound like it being the end of a long day. It has been trending on Twitter for most of the day, hilarious that we can come together to talk like pirates but not to stand for democracy and decency. 

It does however prove that we are capable of coming together as a whole, its just a case of changing the priorities, we don’t all have the same opinions this is true but working together for a common good makes for a much nicer planet all round. A positive mindset is key for learning and working together.

So try and be good people yarrrrr!

On Going

As much as they would like to put an end to it, the issue remained ongoing. 
They knew it had to run its course but why could they just not get in there sooner.
Creative pieces take time, they require thought and influence of some kind. They become live when they are finished.

A Distasteful Act

It is a shame that we still have in this day and age the issue of newspapers and their ‘anything for a story’ attitude. It is widely accepted that any investigation into nasty invasive journalism is a waste of time as the newspapers pay to be members meaning they can swing the outcome. The upside to social media being involved this in turn will make IPSO (Independent regulator for the UK newspaper and magazine industry) more accountable through essentially being called out on Twitter. Its interesting to note there are even MPs saying that it should have been discussed by a Committee if they were actually sitting today (that is sadly another issue) but I hope that they follow through their interest when they go back.

There are levels of invasive journalism and there is a delicate balancing act between allowing a certain amount of privacy but still enriching the story with details usually with the subjects consent. Then there are the stories which didn’t need to be told, dragging up feelings which didn’t need to have been and causing pain to the subject. The sole purpose of this story was to make money, there was no other reason, no awareness or for the good of humanity, it was a bold move on the newspapers part and it now has hate #hashtags trending on Twitter for them and they say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

If there is a positive to take from this it is that people are demanding a higher standard of journalism with integrity and truth at the forefront rather than the tabloid press which has been popular for so long.

Progress in a Prescription Crisis?

For some long time there has been a battle of opinions of who created the opioid crisis and who continued to fuel it. Thousands of cities, nearly every US State and even some Native American Tribes are amongst those seeking compensation from OxyContin’s creator Purdue for damage caused by the drug. The OxyContin maker and its owners, the Sacklers, have been under extreme financial pressure to settle the cases and have tried to reach a comprehensive settlement that would be implemented by filing for bankruptcy. An extreme move? They managed to enlist half of the States and lawyers who represent governments to sign on to a deal the company values at about $10 billion, which includes between $3 billion and $4.5 billion from the Sacklers, and the donation of addiction-treatment drugs in development. Purdue will continue operations as a trust set up to benefit the plaintiffs. They will continue as a Trust setup to benefit the plaintiffs.

The difficulty of this particular situation in my opinion is that there should be a certain amount of responsibility applied at prescriber and user level. It has been known for some long time that opioids are highly addictive and as such this should be kept in mind when thinking about long term pain management. OxyContin was created as an extended-release opioid designed to last 12 hours, when it was introduced in 1996. Public-health advocates say an increase in prescription-drug addiction gave way to abuse of street drugs like heroin and fentanyl as legal painkillers became less frequently available.

It is sad to think that the masking of one problem has created another, but that is the sad fact, painkillers don’t actually solve the problem they merely numb the pain which stops you from doing other things. The created problem being addiction to prescription drugs which lead to a new gateway of illegal street drugs the dangers then become a whole different world.

There needs to be more cohesive guidelines for all concerned and a commitment to reducing the number of people on controlled drugs its simply insane that people have been prescribed these drugs and are now struggling with an addiction.

International Day of Democracy

In September 1997 the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) adopted a Universal Declaration on Democracy. That Declaration affirms the principles of democracy, the elements and exercise of democratic government, and the international scope of democracy.

The United Nations after some ten years of conferences and discussions dedicated the 15th of September as the International Day of Democracy in 2007.

Today if you scour Twitter you find the hashtag #democracyday, sadly no sign of it in the trending section. Some of the first posts I found were from users demonstrating where there was no democracy – Hong Kong being the given example, Israel heralded their support of the day and the UN cited reasons why you should celebrate.

The sad fact is that democracy is not what it once was and the UN chief has an interesting take on the celebrations here I urge you to read/watch it, his understanding of a volatile situation is very insightful.

The origins of democracy lie with the Ancient Greeks and has been adopted all over the world with very mixed results, so much so that we are now mistrustful of democracy and our rights. The UK is a prime example with the Brexit situation, the people voted based on the propaganda presented to them. The government seemed to not think it would backfire on them, their mistake was thinking it wouldn’t, people calling for another referendum seem to be missing the concept of a democratic vote, you cant just have another vote because you don’t like the result, it makes a mockery of the system.

Featured image: Nineteenth-century painting by Philipp Foltz depicting the Athenian politician Pericles delivering his famous funeral oration in front of the Assembly.

A Harvest Moon

Its too important not to observe the beauty of a full harvest moon, there is something truly magical about seeing it in the sky. Its proximity to the September equinox.

There are several Native American names for the September Full Moon – Full Corn Moon and Barley Moon, the names do not vary with the equinox. The October Full Moon was called Hunters Moon, Blood Moon, and Sanguine Moon by different Native tribes. Not to be confused with a total lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon, due to the reddish colour the Moon takes on during a total eclipse.

The September equinox coincides with many cultural events, religious observances, and customs around the world. For example, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a harvest festival also celebrated in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

I hope you get to see it this evening, it really is a special thing to witness.

In the Distance

You see your goal, you see the end of the week, whatever you see its getting closer and closer.

If it is your goal, you must succeeding to be getting closer. Enjoy the moments more and more the success will be ever so sweet when you get there.

You also know you are getting closer when life starts to test you, that’s all it is so it can see if you have learnt. You should enjoy this too, even though it might be hard, there will be a positive outcome at the end.

Loving yourself is key not just for mental health but for physical as well, your body is only as good as you feed it and the way you treat it. A healthy body can help smash goals!

Reflections and Collaborations

The concept of looking in a mirror and seeing inside ourselves from the reflection is an interesting one, although we look do we actually see what’s inside or do we see a filtered view. Its clear that neither trolls or victims look in the mirror or if they do they seem to see a normal person. Going viral can be a wonderful thing for the user that started it, the fame, the fortune and the attention, but think carefully how much you want it, it can backfire mercilessly sure it’ll be over in a couple of months, but can you hack it until then?

It fascinates me how people take the bait when provoked, the uproar surrounding Post Malone’s ‘discovery’ of Ozzy Osborne, I can almost hand on heart say that 90% of the people making light of it are purely doing it for a reaction, one user congratulated his friend for a potentially viral tweet, what the poster actually observed was 95% of people losing their shit in the comments rather than retweeting and laughing about it. Probably not what he had expected but to be honest he entirely underestimated the force that is millennial’s love of the Prince of Darkness, when you are brought up with an icon such as him its difficult not to be protective against peoples ignorance. The irony in my eyes is that I’ve literally no idea who Post Modern was until today, so its more of a reverse reaction ‘who tf is Post Modern and how did he get Ozzy to perform with him’ largely because we know hes advanced in age and has literally forgotten more than Post Moderns had hot dinners.

There are plenty of millennials also discussing Ozzy’s reaction which generally goes along the lines of ‘wtf is Twitter Sharon?’ which might be a tad unkind but it is funny. I think its great that Ozzys legend continues through the ages, I just hope that the new generation pay attention long enough to learn something. His humble beginnings to galactic stardom might not have been obvious in the beginning but they should be by now, hes made a few mistakes but hes also given back as well, he has a number of charities on his website which he is involved with.

Either way its an amusing outcry and free publicity for everyone, plus as we all know next week itll be something else.

Next Level

Checking the trending section on Twitter yielded an exciting discovery!


The size of k2-18b is apparently significantly larger than earth – would you migrate to another planet? I would, the adventure of starting a new life in a completely new place can only be amazing and a truly positive thing to do. To create a Utopian dream in space may seem almost ironic to some, considering some of the most important literature and film in recent times who all warned us of a robot powered future in space in one varying form or another. Only time will tell if all our childhood favourite sci-fi films and books will come through or will it be something completely new?

I am happy to announce i’m going next level and moving to a hosted WordPress.org site away from the restrictions of WordPress.com, I will still be writing (of course) and my urls wont change (I promise) so whilst I am in transition there maybe a small delay in the next post.

Its been a consideration for a while, it is simply much easier to work with for things like themes and customisation, you can create your own entirely or use some of the many excellent ones already on WordPress. I will be rebuilding mine at some point soon so expect a change in look over the next week or so.

I enjoy challenges, it keeps life interesting, It will be great having my website under my complete control so I can use it to grow myself and help others grow as well.